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Course Introduction :
This graduate-level course investigates cloud computing models, techniques, and architectures. Cloud computing has evolved as a very important computing model, which enables information, software, and other shared resources to be provisioned over the network as services in an on-demand manner. Students will be exposed to the current practices in cloud computing.
Topics may include distributed computing models and technologies, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), virtualization, security and privacy issues, performance and systems issues, capacity planning, disaster recovery, Cloud OS, federated clouds, challenges in implementing clouds, data centers, hypervisor CPU and memory management, cloud hosted applications, and other advanced and research topics in cloud computing.

A working knowledge of Internet, browsers, MS Windows and Web applications is helpful but not required. Programming experience is also helpful but not required. If you do not possess knowledge of Linux we teach you that too.

Yes! The course presents the business advantages of the cloud and also the technical benefits it can provide. The technical discussions are at a level that attendees with a business background can understand and apply. Where technical knowledge is required, sufficient guidance for all backgrounds is provided to enable activities to be completed and the learning objectives achieved.

World's Most Popular Cloud Computing Technologies are, Worlds No.1 CRM.
VMware, Inc-Virtualizes Computing.
Amazon Web Services(AWS)-Broad & Deep Core Cloud Infrastructure Services.
Linux OpenStack-Open source software for creating private and public clouds.
Microsoft Azure.

Syllabus :
Introduction to Computing
Recent Stages in the cloud Computing
About Grid Computing in Cloud
Utility Computing in Cloud
Basics of Cloud Cluster Computing
Distributed system Computing and Evolutions in Cloud Computing

Overview of Cloud Computing
(NIST) Model Overview
Basics, Cloud Service History . Cloud Computing history.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing,Cloud computing

Architecture of Cloud Computing
stacks in Cloud computing
Traditional computing architecture Comparison, Services providers.
How Cloud Computing Works, Networking and web services roles in Cloud computing, (XaaS)Service Models, protocols used.
(PaaS) -Platform as a Service.
(IaaS) -Infrastructure as a Service.
(SaaS) -Software as a Service.

Infrastructure as a Service
Resource Virtualization of Cloud Computing
Server and Network in Infrastructure as a service
Storage Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Platform as a Service (PAAS)
IBasics of PaaS
(SOA) Service Oriented Architecture and What is PaaS?
Cloud Management and Platform
Computation,storage,Google app engine's,Salesforce explanations
Microsoft Azure in Platform as a service
Working of Salesforce platform

Software as a Service (SAAS)
Basics to SaaS
Web services in Cloud Computing
Web OS and Web 2.0 working Principles
Case Studies

Service Management
Agreements and Service Level
Accounting and Billing in Service Management
Cloud vs Traditional Discussions
Working of Scaling factor

Data Management
Cloud Services and Scalability
Data in cloud Computing
Large Scale Data Processing
Cloud and infrastructure Management
Host level security
Network level security
Application level security

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